PALA Standalone

Are you looking for overwhelming Point Of Sales System? Take the right Decision NOW and go for PALA StandAlone and you will save your valuable time and lots of money.

For the past years, PALA StandAlone have been a leading provider of POS solutions for a wide range of sectors; including retail, hospitality, convenience and wholesale. Seamless integration makes it easy to sell your products and accept payments on any device while automatically updating your inventory, orders, and customer data. Our years of experience provide us with the expertise and knowledge to offer a solution tailored to your needs and manage your system implementation and ongoing support so that you can focus on the important aspects of your business.

PALA Standalone Features

Simple, Practical and User-Friendly design, providing you an insight onto the company's KPIs.
This function helps to plan, manage and execute company sales plans in term of processes and forecasts.
Finance is the most important function for any business, here where you control your business transactions in term of revenue, ledger, profit & loss and income statement.
Here you can Identify your organization rules & procedures. Create the Category, Department, Designation, Payroll to manage company processes.
Records your customers' information and business details, address, realized turnover, and the customer’s balance.
Easy handling of your organization Suppliers, Purchases, Prices, Inventory, Packaging "UOS".

Suite of functionality – PALA Standalone

Customer Management[]
Sales enquiry[]
Sales orders []
Sales invoice[]
Sales return[]
Customer Receipt[]
Employee Management[]
Department Management[]
Designation Management[]
Payroll []
Ledger/Ledger Groups[]
Sales Invoice[]
Purchase Entry[]
Customer Receipt []
Supplier Payments[]
General Receipt[]
General Payments[]
Petty Cash Management[]
Trial Balance[]
Profit & Loss Statement[]
Stock Management[]
Purchase Orders[]
Stock Summary[]
Purchase Entry[]
Purchase Return[]
Sales Analytics[]
Finance Analytics[]
Sales Revenue[]
Sales Rep Analysis[]
Product Analytics[]